Android Internationalization Chinese

Android examples for Internationalization:Chinese


Click the following links for the tutorial for Internationalization and Chinese.

  1. Get Chinese Number
  2. get String By Length for Chinese
  3. get String Length for Chinese
  4. is string containing Chinese character
  5. is char a Chinese character
  6. is Chinese Mobile Number by regular expression
  7. Is string containing Chinese
  8. is Chinese Telephone Num Available

  9. is Valid English Or Chinese Or Number
  10. get Chinese string Length
  11. is String Valid English Or Chinese
  12. is Chinese Mobile Phone number
  13. Filter non English and Chinese string
  14. get the Chinese format time
  15. get the Chinese format time, with year to second
  16. is Chinese character by Character.UnicodeBlock

  17. is Contain Chinese by checking char value range
  18. Get char Length by counting Chinese character as two
  19. get Chinese string's Length
  20. encode string in GB2312
  21. get Chinese Char Length
  22. limited Chinese string Length
  23. Get Chinese sub String Length
  24. Shorten Chinese String
  25. get Char Count for mixed Chinese character and english
  26. get Chinese String Sub String
  27. Is Chinese String in GBK encoding
  28. Convert Chinese Character from half to full
  29. get Chinese Length by checking byte array in UTF-8
  30. is Chinese English by regex
  31. is String encoded in GBK
  32. truncate string in GBK
  33. cut GBK String
  34. Convert String in gbk to String in UTF8
  35. Is Context Chinese
  36. Encode Chinese in GBK
  37. is String Contain Chinese
  38. get Chinese Character
  39. get Chinese Lunar Year Days
  40. get China Time
  41. get Chinese Leap Month Days
  42. get Chinese Leap Month
  43. get Chinese Lunar Month Days
  44. is Chinese Lunar Big Month
  45. days In Chinese Month
  46. get Chinese Months
  47. next Chinese Month