Android java.lang.reflect Class

Android examples for java.lang.reflect:Class


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  1. Create class from Name
  2. Get Method from a Class<?> by method Name
  3. print All Information about a class using reflection
  4. Defensive programming technique to change a null reference to an empty one.
  5. is Collection By Type
  6. is Class representing a Basic Type
  7. is Class Boolean Type
  8. is Class Byte Type

  9. is Class Char Type
  10. is Class Double Type
  11. is Class Float Type
  12. is Class Integer Type
  13. is Class Long Type
  14. is Class Primitive Type
  15. is Class Short Type
  16. get Class Name from Class<?>

  17. get All Super Classes
  18. get Array Class
  19. get Children Of Type by Class
  20. get Id Values by Class from R
  21. create Fragment by Class name
  22. getClass() - returns a Class from its name
  23. Load Class by name
  24. check if a class is Descendant of another class
  25. get Class by class name
  26. Check if a class Can Be Loaded
  27. get Object Instance from class qualified name
  28. is Object Instanceof another class
  29. is Top Most Class by check if its class name starting with android.
  30. Attempts to create a class of the given type T, containing arguments of the type A.
  31. is one class Assignable From another class
  32. get Class Instances By Super class
  33. get Class by class name from class path
  34. load Class without Throwing exception
  35. describe and output information about Class Or Interface
  36. get Super Class Of Type
  37. check if a class is the Subclass Of another class
  38. Change primitive types class to there 'boxed' compatible type.
  39. Convert BOXED version of class to it unboxed version.
  40. set Strict Mode Policy via reflection
  41. return the init value for given type.
  42. this will return the init value with type name.
  43. get Class Fields Count
  44. print All Fields from Class via reflection
  45. Get the memory class of this device (approx.
  46. box the primitive to Wrapper class
  47. get generic class type, default actual type argument index is 0.
  48. New instance for the given class name.
  49. parse value to Class
  50. Get class canonical Name
  51. Get class simple Name
  52. Add URL to CLASSPATH
  53. Get the short name of the given class
  54. This will return a class of the type T[] from a given class.
  55. print All Information about a class via reflection
  56. get Class Fields List
  57. class Equals