Android java.lang.reflect Field

Android examples for java.lang.reflect:Field


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  1. get Type For Field via reflection
  2. is Primitive Assignable
  3. set Reflect Field
  4. reflect Class Field
  5. Get the field represented by the supplied java.lang.reflect.Field field object on the specified Object target object .
  6. copy All Activity Fields via reflection
  7. copy Fields from one object to Activity via reflection
  8. check if two object equal by Fields via reflection

  9. set Field by reflection
  10. validate Feed Fields via TextInputLayout
  11. Creates read-only JTextField .
  12. get Field from Class
  13. get String from Field
  14. check If Field Is Set
  15. get Object from Field
  16. publicify a field

  17. set Field Data by array of data
  18. searches for field type in clazz and its super classes.
  19. Returns all declared fields of a class and all its super classes, regardless of visibility modifier.
  20. check if field is from Sub Class
  21. get Object's Field
  22. get Matching Fields By Type Recursively
  23. set and get Field
  24. Make the given field accessible, explicitly setting it accessible if necessary.
  25. get Field from current class or parent class
  26. get Declared Field in current object
  27. print all Fields from a Class
  28. copy All Fields from class to target
  29. copy All Instance Fields from one Instrumentation object to another Instrumentation
  30. find Field without throwing exception
  31. get All Fields from class hierarchy
  32. get Declared Field in current class
  33. Given an object and a class, return all the fields in that class and any object that it contains which are of that class (used only in testing, this should not be in the shipped product).
  34. Extract all inherited fields from class.
  35. get Boolean Field
  36. set Boolean Field
  37. set Int Field
  38. get Int Field
  39. get Declared Fields Include Inherit
  40. get Declared Field
  41. is Field Final
  42. dump Field from a Class
  43. get Fields from current class or parent class
  44. get class Declared Field
  45. is Field type Integer
  46. is Class Number type
  47. is Field Double Type
  48. is Field Serializable
  49. is Field String Type
  50. check Require EditText Fields