Android java.lang Array Element

Android examples for java.lang:Array Element


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  1. count Zeros in an array
  2. root Mean Squared in an array
  3. get Max Value in an array
  4. shuffle Array using Random
  5. get last element of the target element
  6. get next element of the target element
  7. Moves all bytes one up, meaning the left most byte (0) is swapped to the end
  8. Moves all bytes one down, meaning the right most byte (length-1) is swapped to the beginning

  9. Generic method to copy Of Range array
  10. Generic method to concatenate All arrays and return a big array
  11. Generic method to concatenate two arrays
  12. Generic method to copy array
  13. Generic method to Search index Of an item in an array
  14. generic method to check if an array is null or its length is 0
  15. Converts an array of primitive chars to objects. This method returns null for a null input array.
  16. Returns an empty array of the specified type.

  17. Checks if an array of Objects is empty or null .
  18. Checks if an array of Objects is not empty or not null .
  19. Remove all null or empty strings in an array.
  20. Returns the last index of the given array or -1 if empty or null.
  21. is SparseArray Empty
  22. swap element in an array
  23. shuffle an array
  24. Create array from varargs
  25. read InputStream To End As Array
  26. counts the number of occurrences of the passed value in the passed array
  27. prints the passed array
  28. multiplies each element of the passed double array with itself
  29. Reads a signed 32 bit integer from an array coming from a device.
  30. Swaps an unsigned value around, and puts the result in an array that can be sent to a device.
  31. Reads a signed 64 bit integer from an array coming from a device.
  32. Reads an unsigned 16 bit integer from an array coming from a device, and returns it as an 'int'
  33. print array to String
  34. get sub Array
  35. get Array Dimension
  36. is object an Array
  37. Returns an array of aList items in the same order than the List .
  38. Build an array from the provided contents (string array).
  39. append Int to int array
  40. clone two dimensional Array
  41. add item to the last of an array
  42. Adds all the elements of the given arrays into a new array.
  43. Returns the length of the specified array.
  44. Reverses the order of the given array.
  45. Returns a List of the objects in the specified array.
  46. Determine the position of an element in an array.
  47. Inserts the specified element at the specified position in the array.
  48. check if an array starts With another array
  49. string Array To Int Array
  50. Appends an element to the end of the array, growing the array if there is no more room.
  51. Gets array of found e-mails from AccountManager
  52. create ArrayAdapter for Spinner
  53. Get all email account and return an ArrayAdapter
  54. Reads from an random access file (RandomAccessFile) until the provided array is filled.