Android java.lang array

Android examples for java.lang:array


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  1. count Zeros in short array
  2. Calculate root Mean Squared for short array
  3. get Array Dimension from its to String representation
  4. get Array Type
  5. Generic method to add Item to an array
  6. is Array Empty
  7. shift Array element Right
  8. Get sub Array

  9. is one Collection<String> Subset String Of another Collection<String>
  10. Check if an int array contains an integer
  11. Generic method to get index Of an element inside an array
  12. to Array via Array.newInstance
  13. Turns a sequence of objects into a string, delimited by separator.
  14. Returns an empty array of the specified type.
  15. Check if long array contains a long value
  16. Check element index Of inside an array

  17. get Max Number from int array
  18. return the average value of the passed array
  19. Generic method to check if an array contains a value
  20. Generic method to select Value from array
  21. Creates a float array of vertices for a 2d circle
  22. Create Map out of string array in pair
  23. is Class an Array
  24. Splits an array of NAL units.
  25. is Any String Empty in an String array
  26. Check if an array contains a value
  27. copy Of array
  28. Get a random position(object) from an array of generic objects.
  29. Add Element to Array
  30. Join array to string with separator.
  31. Simple string representation of an array of objects
  32. Gets the index of a targeted element in a specified array.
  33. is Primitive Array
  34. Convert Object array to string Array
  35. Check if a value is in Array by Predicate
  36. Check, is non sorted array contain null value.
  37. count Null in an array
  38. Find first occurrence of null value in non sorted array.
  39. copy Small Arrays To Big Array


  1. contained In String Array
  2. is a string contained In a string Array
  3. find Array Index for string array
  4. is String Contains one of the string from an array
  5. is a string contains In string Array
  6. Search string In string array
  7. Checks that value is present as at least one of the elements of the array.
  8. get Biggest Size Idx
  9. Check if an array contains the item given - could use Arrays.binarySearch, but that requires a sorted array
  10. binary Search object array
  11. search object array
  12. Finds maximum value of an 2-dimensional array
  13. Finds minimum value of an 2-dimensional array
  14. find Value In Array
  15. Finds the index of the given object in the array.
  16. Finds the last index of the given object within the array.
  17. add Item to array by index
  18. Get element index in an array
  19. Return the index of needle in the array , or else -1
  20. Inserts an element into the array at the specified index, growing the array if there is no more room.
  21. binary Search a long type array
  22. index Of element in an array
  23. Integer Array binary Search