Android java.lang Character

Android examples for java.lang:Character


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  1. replace Enter character \r\n
  2. remove Character from string
  3. delete Last character from a string
  4. is Blank string check by Character.isWhitespace
  5. counter ASCII character as one, otherwise two
  6. filter UCS4 via Character.isSupplementaryCodePoint
  7. remove Blank character from string
  8. Removes control characters (char <= 32) from both ends of this String, handling null by returning null.

  9. Removes control characters (char <= 32) from both ends of this String returning an empty String ("") if the String is empty ("") after the trim or if it is null.
  10. remove Enter character by replacing \n
  11. is character a Word Separator
  12. hide several characters of email
  13. Trim unicode space character
  14. Ellipsize string with maxCharacter
  15. has Lowercase Character in string
  16. get Byte Count for input string

  17. is Space Char for ascii and unicode
  18. Convert to and from ASCII
  19. Convert string to ASCII
  20. capitalize String via Character static methods
  21. is string Has Empty Char
  22. is All Char Digit in a string
  23. is String All Number
  24. is string all Numeric character
  25. Splits a String based on a single character
  26. Indicates whether the characters in a specified string is categorized as white space.
  27. split string By Character Type
  28. Create a char array from a byte array
  29. Create a byte array from a char array
  30. is char letter
  31. is character Alpha Numeric
  32. is char Alpha Numeric String
  33. is char Numeric
  34. to char Lower case character
  35. is char Alphabetic
  36. is char Hex Digit
  37. is char a Capital Alpha Letter
  38. is char a Digit
  39. is char a letter
  40. Create random String from characters in a default string
  41. Convert byte To Char
  42. Convert char To Byte
  43. Convert hex to char
  44. is char Printable
  45. Create spannable from text that includes some CharSequence.
  46. get Charset from charset name
  47. Returns true if the specified character is a whitespace character (CR, LF, SP or HT).
  48. Gets the canonical Java character set name for the specified character set or null if not known.
  49. Gets the preferred MIME character set name for the specified character set or null if not known.
  50. Collapses repeated consecutive characters in a CharSequence by matching against #CONSECUTIVE_CHARACTER_REGEX .
  51. is char High Surrogate
  52. is char Low Surrogate