Android java.lang Math Geometry

Android examples for java.lang:Math Geometry


Click the following links for the tutorial for java.lang and Math Geometry.

  1. get Distance from two points on the map
  2. calculate Mid Point for PointF
  3. calculate Quad Point for PointF
  4. complete Primary Diagonal Line from Point
  5. complete Vertical Line from two Point
  6. Find the point on the line from a given fraction from a point
  7. Extend a given line segment to a given length and holding the first point of the line as fixed.
  8. return -1 if point is on left, 1 if on right

  9. Rotates a Line2D object around a Point2D object.
  10. Check if two points are on the same side of a given line.
  11. subtract Point
  12. divide Point
  13. subtract PointF
  14. Finds the distance between point c and a line segment from a to b.
  15. is Point inside RectF
  16. is Point In Circle

  17. Homogenize a point (divide by its last element)
  18. Calculates great-circle distance between two points on earth using the Haversine formula
  19. get Square Distance Between Points
  20. Calculate angle for two Points
  21. Get middle point from MotionEvent
  22. is Point In Rectangle
  23. is Point Inside Polygon
  24. Returns the squared distance between a point and an (x,y) coordinate.
  25. get Symmetry Point
  26. Line angle from two Point
  27. Indicates whether a point is within a rectangle or not.
  28. Checks if two lines are parallel
  29. Removes unnecessary vertices from a line strip.
  30. distance To Line Segment
  31. Compute the intersection between two line segments, or two lines of infinite length.
  32. Return the slope of a line
  33. Check if two line segments intersects.
  34. Checks if a line is vertical.
  35. Translate (move) a Line2D object on the X and Y axes.
  36. circle Intersects Line
  37. get Line Slope
  38. get Line Degrees
  39. draw Multi Line Text on Canvas
  40. get Multi Line Text Bounds
  41. get Polygon Vertexes
  42. Validates the birth date by checking if a) the preferred date is before the current date or b) the preferred date is before 1916 and correcting it if needed.
  43. Checks whether two RectF have the same aspect ratio.
  44. Computes the aspect ratio of a given rect.
  45. Normalize the angle to the range 0 <= value < 360.