Android java.lang Math

Android examples for java.lang:Math


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  1. Constrain a given degree to between 0-359
  2. convert Meter To Kilometer
  3. calculate BMI for your body
  4. calculate BMR for your body
  5. calculate Max Weight for your body
  6. calculate Min Weight for your body
  7. Creates a float array of vertices for a 2d circle
  8. round double value by digit

  9. divide double value by scale
  10. multiply double value
  11. round double value by scale and rounding mode
  12. subtract two double value
  13. sum two double value
  14. Calculates distance between locations in miles.
  15. Calculates a rough distance metric about what distance the face has to the device.
  16. Utility method to format the distance in meters

  17. format Distance
  18. Check if two double precision numbers are "equal", i.e.
  19. Return true if c is between a and b.
  20. Calculates the distance of the intersection between the specified ray and the target, or return -1 if the ray doesn't intersect the target
  21. Returns the union of two Integer lists.
  22. Compute the factorial of a value Use this method for large values.
  23. Compute the factorial of a value Use this method for small values.
  24. Get fibonacci
  25. Return the greatest common divisor of two long values
  26. next Power Of Two by shifting
  27. Returns the logarithm of a custom base for a given number.
  28. round double value
  29. get Closest Power Of Two
  30. is Prime Int
  31. square root Big Int
  32. square root Long
  33. Shifts 4 signed bytes into a 32 bit integer in network order (big endian).
  34. Truncates a float number f to decimal Places .
  35. pythagorean Proposition
  36. is Power Of Two
  37. next Power Of Two
  38. Calculate lerp
  39. round Two Decimals
  40. segments Intersection
  41. get Fractional Count
  42. get Integer Count
  43. is BigDecimal Negative
  44. is BigDecimal Positive
  45. is BigDecimal Value Multiple of another BigDecimal
  46. compute Exact Percent
  47. Calculate percentage, based on total and current value.
  48. Number's Exponential
  49. Check if a number is Even
  50. Check if a number is Odd
  51. Checks whether the provide number is positive(>=0) or not.
  52. Number's logarithm Special cases: log(+0.0) = -infinity log(-0.0) = -infinity log((anything < 0) = NaN log(+infinity) = +infinity log(-infinity) = NaN log(NaN) = NaN
  53. Gets the higher number
  54. Truncates a double value
  55. Gets the lower number
  56. Parse the string to integer, does not throw exception, return null.
  57. parse Long value from String
  58. Rounds a double value to a certain number of digits
  59. round float value To decimal place
  60. Ends up being a bit faster than Math#round(float) .
  61. get Integer Next Power Of Two
  62. is Integer Power Of Two
  63. map Exp To Lin
  64. map Lin To Exp
  65. calculate Concentration
  66. lin Regression
  67. get closest Float from a List of Float
  68. flip Value In Range
  69. Constrains an amount between upper and lower bounds, inclusive.
  70. Performs modulo division using Knuth's floored division algorithm.
  71. Calculates a mod b in a way that respects negative values (for example, mod(-1, 5) == 4 , rather than -1 ).
  72. is In Circle
  73. Returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to the specified float.
  74. Returns the largest integer less than or equal to the specified float.
  75. Returns the closest integer to the specified float.
  76. mult Matrices
  77. Multiply two matrices by each other and store the result.
  78. double value divide With Round
  79. add double value With Round
  80. multiply double value With Round
  81. Convert polar coordinates to cartesian coordinates.
  82. Rotate By Radians
  83. Rotate To Zero