Android java.lang Math Trigonometric Function

Android examples for java.lang:Math Trigonometric Function


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  1. Return the value of cos(degree)
  2. Return the value of cosf(degree)
  3. Return the value of cosr(radians)
  4. Return the value of sin(degree)
  5. Return the value of sinf(degree)
  6. Return the value of sinr(radians)
  7. Return the value of tan(degree)
  8. Calculates the "minimum" cosine distance between two instances.

  9. get long value in Size String using Math.round
  10. change Angle To Single
  11. get Distance using Location.distance Between method
  12. Convert degree to radians
  13. angle In Radians
  14. degrees To Radians
  15. Normalize the input radians in the range 360 > x >= 0 .
  16. Radians To Degrees

  17. Converts an angle measured in degrees to the equivalent angle measured in radians
  18. Converts an angle measured in radians to the equivalent angle measured in degrees
  19. Returns the point of a given angle (in radians) on a circle.
  20. change To from degree Radian
  21. Change to Radian then calculate distance
  22. distance in Radian
  23. Get the desired angle of ARCTAN
  24. Calculates the difference between two angles.
  25. Normalize an angle so that it is between 0 and 360.
  26. get Angle from Surface rotation
  27. Get the new point in a circle if the given point is rotated by an angle
  28. Calculates the angle between two line segments.
  29. Angle From Circle Arc Length
  30. Normalize degree angle
  31. Returns the point of a given angle (in degrees) on a circle.
  32. Check if a specified line intersects a specified rectangle.
  33. angle Diff
  34. bisect Angle
  35. constrain Angle
  36. Rotates p1 around p2 by angle degrees.
  37. circle Intersects Rectangle
  38. is Circumference In Rectangle
  39. Tangent of an angle
  40. Returns the angle of an arc defined by a length and radius.
  41. Returns the length of an arc defined by an angle and radius.
  42. check For Positive Negative Angle Mismatch
  43. Indicates whether an angle is within a range or not.