Android java.lang String Case

Android examples for java.lang:String Case


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  1. capitalize the first letter in string
  2. capitalize Sentence
  3. capitalize a string with substring method
  4. capitalize string and handle null value
  5. capitalize string via Character.toUpperCase()
  6. capitalize First character
  7. snakify string
  8. camelify string

  9. Convert string to uppercase
  10. Upper case first letter in string
  11. Convert first Char To Lower Case
  12. Convert string lower Case and handle null value
  13. Format string to camel case
  14. swap String Case
  15. to Title Case by locale
  16. get Lower Camel From Upper Camel

  17. Convert String to camel Case To Words
  18. Capitalizes the first character of each word.
  19. returns the string, the first char lowercase
  20. Returns title case of string.
  21. Capitalize the first char
  22. first Letter To Upper Case
  23. to Camel Case by separator
  24. change First Character Case
  25. Check in a list of string contains another string Ignore Case
  26. to Capital Case with space separator
  27. convert string separated by underscore To Camel Case
  28. convert string separated by underscore To Title Case
  29. is Identical After Downcase
  30. split string By Character Type Camel Case
  31. Convert string to lower Case and handle null value
  32. capitalize Each Word by locale
  33. get Capitalization Type for a string
  34. uncapitalize a string
  35. String case Ignore Compare
  36. match Letter lower case
  37. match Letter upper case
  38. Convert name of format thisIsAName to THIS_IS_A_NAME For each letter
  39. Convert name of format THIS_IS_A_NAME to thisIsAName For each letter: if not '_' then convert to lower case and add to output string if '_' then skip letter and add next letter to output string without converting to lower case
  40. Capitalizes all the delimiter separated words in a String.
  41. Uncapitalizes all the whitespace separated words in a String.
  42. Converts all the delimiter separated words in a String into capitalized words, that is each word is made up of a titlecase character and then a series of lowercase characters.
  43. Swaps the case of a String using a word based algorithm.