Android java.lang String Unicode

Android examples for java.lang:String Unicode


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  1. Check string in unicode range
  2. encode string using url encoder
  3. change string Charset encoding
  4. Get string Length in GBK
  5. Convert string from one charset to another charset
  6. Detect string Encoding
  7. get String Length for unicode string
  8. decode Unicode, read \uXXXX

  9. Convert string to Code Point Array
  10. Is a string contains Emoji character
  11. get Chars Length for unicode string using regular expression
  12. filter output String to have only valid XML unicode characters as specified by the XML 1.0 standard.
  13. Checks if the CharSequence contains only Unicode letters, digits or space ' '
  14. Checks if the CharSequence contains only Unicode digits or space ' '
  15. count length of mixed unicode and ascii string
  16. unescape Unicode

  17. get string Length for mixed ascii and unicode
  18. Convert string To Unicode
  19. Convert unicode To String
  20. Convert unicode To UTF8
  21. to Code Point Array
  22. guess String Encoding
  23. new Single Code Point String
  24. Construct a String from a code point array
  25. Does String encoding in ISO-8859-1
  26. Convert GBK to Unicode
  27. Convert Unicode to GBK
  28. Convert unicode To Utf
  29. Convert utf-8 to unicode
  30. Modifies Unicode set to flatten the strings.
  31. decode Unicode string
  32. encode Unicode string
  33. is Charset correct this the current String
  34. digest string using CP1252 encoding and MD5 hash
  35. Get the given bit in the encoded bytes.
  36. get Encoding from String
  37. Xor Encode a String
  38. bytes To Decoded Hex String
  39. Xor Decode a String
  40. find Media Decoder
  41. remove from UTF16
  42. utf To Unicode
  43. Return true if the character is NOT printable ASCII.