Android java.lang Thread

Android examples for java.lang:Thread


Click the following links for the tutorial for java.lang and Thread.

  1. apply Uncaught Exception Handler
  2. get Thread Info: thread name and thread id
  3. assert In Main Thread
  4. assert Not In Render Thread
  5. dump Stack Trace from Thread.currentThread().getStackTrace() via StackTraceElement
  6. get recommend default thread pool size
  7. get Default Thread Pool Size
  8. get Thread Signature

  9. is Ui Thread
  10. sleep For In Seconds
  11. sleep current thread for milliseconds
  12. run On Ui Thread
  13. get Thread Pool Executor
  14. enable Thread Strict Mode
  15. post On Ui Thread Delayed
  16. post On Ui Thread

  17. post Background Thread And Ui Thread
  18. post Background Thread Delayed
  19. post Background Thread
  20. log Thread Signature for Alarm
  21. Run a task on a non-UI thread after the delay
  22. Run the runnable on a non-UI thread
  23. get Thread Id
  24. Run the supplied Callable on the main thread, wrapping any exceptions in a RuntimeException.
  25. Run the supplied Runnable on the main thread.
  26. get Ui Thread Looper
  27. Post the supplied Runnable to run on the main thread after the given amount of time.
  28. Post the supplied FutureTask to run on the main thread.
  29. running On Ui Thread
  30. Determine if we are currently on the UI Thread, if we are, execute the ACTION requested, otherwise action is posted to the UI Thread and function returns without delay
  31. is On Main Thread
  32. Always post action to the UI Thread for execution
  33. Determine if we are on the UI Thread or not. If we are NOT on the UI Thread, we will execute the action in the current thread.
  34. Always spawn a new, non-UI thread process to execute ACTION
  35. is On Ui Thread
  36. is Main Thread
  37. List all threads and recursively list all subgroup.
  38. show Thread Names
  39. show Threads
  40. is Thread Interrupted
  41. assert Ui Thread
  42. get Main Thread Handler
  43. Creates new HandlerThread and returns new Handler associated with this thread.
  44. Run the supplied FutureTask on the main thread.
  45. Set thread priority to audio.
  46. remove Callbacks And Messages
  47. compat Async Task Execute
  48. Creates new Handler with the same Looper as the original handler.
  49. Post the Runnable instance with the following code to the Handler provided: public void run() { Looper.myLooper().quit(); }