Android java.util Calendar

Android examples for java.util:Calendar


Click the following links for the tutorial for java.util and Calendar.

  1. get Current Date By Offset and calendar field
  2. Convert string in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format To Calendar
  3. Create calendar From Date
  4. Convert Calendar To long
  5. compare two Calendar date
  6. Format Calendar by format passed in
  7. Convert long To Calendar
  8. Format Calendar to string in yyyy-MM-dd format

  9. clear Time parts from Calendar
  10. get Calendar Now
  11. Format Calendar to String in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format
  12. Format Date by appending Calendar field together
  13. Convert Date to Calendar
  14. get Time After In Seconds
  15. get Today At hour and minute
  16. get Tomorrow At hour and minute

  17. Set Calendar by hour of day and minute
  18. Returns the ID of this TimeZone, such as America/Los_Angeles, GMT-08:00 or UTC.
  19. is Day time
  20. clear Calendar Time Part
  21. is Today's date
  22. get Now in hh:mm:ss via Calendar
  23. compare specified timestamp with current timestamp
  24. Helper method to get the date and time from timestamp.
  25. get Time After In Seconds via Calendar
  26. get Localized Calendar
  27. is a Calendar Before another Calendar
  28. Compares (only) the time of two Calendar objects
  29. Clone Calendar value
  30. get Short Duration between two Calendar
  31. build Calendar Instance from int value fields
  32. Calculate Calendar time After
  33. is Same Date In Calendar
  34. is Same Time between two Calendar
  35. Parse time in String To Calendar
  36. get Notification Calendar Date by hour and minute
  37. get Notification Calendar Next Date
  38. get Calendar From String
  39. Checks the calendar is tomorrow.
  40. Copy only date information to a new calendar.
  41. Gets the time zone that Calendar should be displayed in