Android java.util Collection Contains

Android examples for java.util:Collection Contains


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  1. find Elements in Collection
  2. Check if one collection contains All elements from another collection
  3. Check if one collection contains None from another collection
  4. Check if one collection contains Some from another collection
  5. Copy the given Collection into a String array. The Collection must contain String elements only.
  6. Returns true if the given java.util.Collections contain exactly the same elements with exactly the same cardinalities.
  7. Returns a collection containing all elements of the iterator.
  8. Checks if the collection contains exactly the given must Have Items.

  9. Checks if the collection contains only the given allowed items.
  10. Collection contains Instance Of
  11. Inserts into one collection all elements of another collection not contained in that collection.
  12. Check if Collection contains String Ignore Case
  13. Tests to see if a Collection contains a certain object, given a user specified equality comparator
  14. Return true if any element in ' candidates ' is contained in ' source '; otherwise returns false in collection class.
  15. Return the first element in ' candidates ' that is contained in ' source ' in collection class.
  16. Determine whether the given Collection only contains a single unique object.

  17. Check if Collection contains Any passed in value
  18. Convert the specified collection to an array which contains all elements in the collection
  19. Check if a collection contains Any elements from another Collection