Android java.util Collection

Android examples for java.util:Collection


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  1. check Collection Emptiness
  2. is Collection Equals
  3. is Collection Class
  4. Append array to Collection
  5. join collection to string, separator is DEFAULT_JOIN_SEPARATOR
  6. Returns a transformed bag backed by the given collection.
  7. Get the "best" in collection.
  8. add varargs to Collection

  9. remove item from Collection
  10. get Collection Type
  11. to Typed Array from Collection
  12. clear Collection's content
  13. Join collection to string, separator is #DELIMITER
  14. Traverse collection
  15. to Primitive Long Array from Collection<Long>
  16. Compares two collections without giving credit to the order.

  17. internal Are Collections Equal
  18. Get max value from Collection
  19. Get min value from Collection
  20. deep Equals between two Collection
  21. Takes any collection and turns it into an java.util.ArrayList
  22. subtract one Collection from another Collection
  23. is Compatible Types between two Collection
  24. Return true iff the two Collections are disjoint
  25. Randomly permute a collection
  26. Randomly select count entries evenly distributed from collection c and return them in a random order.
  27. Returns a list of strings from all collection of arbitrary objects.
  28. Returns a token string from a collection.
  29. Create a modifiable list from the Collection provided.
  30. Creates a set that can be modified from the Collection provided.
  31. Create a modifiable sorted List based on the Collection provided.
  32. trim Collection
  33. Sort any collection and return a new list with it.
  34. has Unique Object in Collection
  35. Deep clone a collection.
  36. Calculate the bias-corrected standard deviation of a collection.
  37. Get the value of the 95th percentile using nearest rank algorithm.
  38. Calculate the mean of a collection.
  39. Calculate the bias-corrected sample variance of a collection.