Android java.util Date Time

Android examples for java.util:Date Time


Click the following links for the tutorial for java.util and Date Time.

  1. get Time String from millisecond long value
  2. get Current Time String
  3. Format Time in HH:mm:ss format
  4. parse Long To Time
  5. Format Date to string in MM-dd a hh:mm format
  6. get Distance Of Time In Words
  7. get Morning Or Afternoon
  8. get Current Minutes

  9. get Current Time Milliseconds
  10. get Time Description for seconds
  11. get Offset Minutes between two dates in long value
  12. get Time value from date value in long
  13. get Time By Timestamp value in long
  14. Calculate hour minute and second from milli seconds
  15. get Hour from date value in long
  16. Gets the current timestamp in the iOS system.

  17. Create Short Time Range String
  18. Convert Time in seconds to hour and minutes
  19. Format Time less than an hour
  20. Format time for hour:minute:second
  21. parse Long Time in yyyy-MM-dd format To String
  22. generate Time string in format 00:00:00 from integer
  23. get Time in format 00:00:00 from int value
  24. get Unix Time String from long
  25. get Time in yyyyMMddHHmmss format
  26. generate Time like 20s --> 02:00
  27. Convert long value to HH:MM:SS
  28. Convert long data To String HH:MM
  29. Format date in MMM d, yyyy '@' HH:mm format
  30. convert Millis To Minutes And Seconds
  31. format Time in long to Min:Second
  32. convert Duration To String in 00:00:00 format
  33. Converts a string of time in the format of 12hours HH:MMa to 24 hours
  34. Get a readable string displaying the time
  35. get String Date in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format
  36. Format date in long to MM-dd HH:mm format
  37. Convert String Date format from yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm to MM-dd HH:mm format
  38. Format date to string in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS format
  39. get Time Duration in format of 00:00:00
  40. Format Time duration in format 00:00
  41. generate Time in format 00:00:00 or 00:00
  42. Converts Facebook time to more readable format. E.g "5 minutes ago", "1 hour ago" or "February 28, 2018 at 14:35".
  43. Convert date to yesterday, today or tomorrow
  44. format Time in int value to 00:00:00
  45. get Time String in format
  46. get Current Time in HH:mm format
  47. format time Duration in long value
  48. get Relative Time Ago
  49. debug Format Time
  50. is Hour to 24 range
  51. is Night Time by hour
  52. truncate Date
  53. format Time using String.format
  54. get Current Quarter End Time
  55. get Current Quarter Start Time
  56. convert Time To Small Format
  57. get Calendar For Time