Android java.util Day

Android examples for java.util:Day


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  1. get Day from date string
  2. get First Day Of Month by format
  3. get Starting Time Of the Day
  4. get Offset Day between two date in milli seconds
  5. get Last Day Of Month by format
  6. get Today's date in long value
  7. compare date value in calendar With Today
  8. get Offset Day between two date in long

  9. get First Day Of Month and return java.util.Date
  10. get Last Day Of Month and return java.util.Date
  11. get Number Of Days Between Dates
  12. reset Date To Beginning Of Day
  13. get Current Day Time
  14. get Date After Someday
  15. get Date Of 60 Days After
  16. is Same Day Of Millisecond

  17. next Day and return as Calendar
  18. Is date yesterday
  19. Add day to date via Calendar
  20. get Day value from date value
  21. get Current Month Day
  22. Convert date value in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format to Month And Day
  23. calculate day counts between startDate and endDate
  24. get Current day value in dd format
  25. get Current Day in day of month
  26. is Same Day by converting date to string
  27. get Next Sunday
  28. add Day to date
  29. Get last Day of a month
  30. Get the day of the date
  31. get Today Time in yyyy-MM-dd format
  32. get Max Days Of Month
  33. add Day to Date value
  34. is Yesterday
  35. get Yesterday in yyyy.MM.dd format
  36. get Today in yyyy.MM.dd format
  37. Returns whether input date is the first day of Lunar year or not.
  38. is Current Day
  39. is More Days between two Calendar
  40. is Same Day for two Calendar
  41. current Day and return an int
  42. get Day from Date
  43. get Yesterday in format yyyy/MM/dd
  44. get Current Day as int value
  45. get Day For Date as int value
  46. get Day Number in int value
  47. get Add Day to Date
  48. add Birthday Event to Calendar
  49. get Yesterday's Date
  50. is Same Day between two Date value
  51. is Same Day Ignore Year
  52. rewind Date To Beginning Of Day
  53. is Same Day between two Calendar
  54. Judge whether date Time is yesterday by sys Time and date Time
  55. grab the day from the epoch time
  56. Formats a birthday date to a String
  57. Checks for the given calendar is in coming 7 days
  58. get Day as int
  59. get Day from Calendar
  60. Get the time of day from a calendar to a string.
  61. Compares whether two calendars refer to the same day.
  62. accurate to day for Calendar object
  63. get Number Of Days In Apart Exclusive
  64. is Same Day between two date
  65. Get international age from birthday
  66. get First Time Of Day
  67. get First Day Of Week
  68. get Last Day Of Week
  69. get Last Time Of Day
  70. get Offset Day
  71. get first Day Of Half Year
  72. get First Day Of Year
  73. get Last Day Of Half Year
  74. get Last Day Of Year
  75. get Monday Of Week
  76. get Sunday Of Week
  77. get Current Day End Time
  78. get Current Day Start Time
  79. get Current Week Day End Time
  80. get Current Week Day Start Time
  81. is Calendar After A Day
  82. get Date Is week Day
  83. start Of Day
  84. start Of Next Day
  85. Get current day as String
  86. Get date of the last 7 days
  87. get Date Between Day
  88. Convert the given Julian Day to Gregorian Date (in UT time zone).
  89. Calculate the Julian Day for a given date using the following formula: JD = 367 * Y - INT(7 * (Y + INT((M + 9)/12))/4) + INT(275 * M / 9) + D + 1721013.5 + UT/24 Note that this is only valid for the year range 1900 - 2099.
  90. Calculate the number of Julian Centuries from the epoch 2000.0 (equivalent to Julian Day 2451545.0).
  91. get Current Julian Day
  92. get Julian Day