Android java.util List

Android examples for java.util:List


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  1. Combine a list to a string of the list's meta with a separator
  2. Join List<String> to String
  3. Find the closest value among a List of Integer
  4. union two List
  5. Get size of list, Returns 0 if the provided List is null or empty, else the count getSize(null) = 0; getSize({}) = 0; getSize({1}) = 1;
  6. Invert / Reverse the provided List .
  7. Returns true if list is null or its size is 0 isEmpty(null) = true; isEmpty({}) = true; isEmpty({1}) = false;
  8. count Occurrence of a string in a string List

  9. Clone the passed list
  10. Is this list empty.
  11. remove String Duplicates in String List
  12. Returns the list of non empty path names in the given name Path.
  13. Returns a list of objects of the specified class via reflection.
  14. scramble List
  15. Compares the two given Lists and returns true, if they are equal and false, if they are not.
  16. remove Null from List

  17. Add obj to list if obj is NOT exist in list, otherwise don't do any thing.
  18. Creates a list of integers from a string within tokens.
  19. Returns whether an list index is in the range of valid indexes.
  20. Creates a list of strings from a string within tokens.
  21. Returns a read-only list.
  22. Create an unmodifiable List based on the List passed in checks for null and returns an empty list if null is passed in.
  23. ArrayList Creation from various parameter
  24. Determines if the given list is sorted (in ascending order).
  25. Garbage free sum function for List
  26. append value to List
  27. average BigDecimal in List
  28. find All from List via Predicate
  29. flatten list of list to single List
  30. Get the max BigDecimal in List of BigDecimal
  31. merge two List
  32. prepend a value to List
  33. sum List of BigDecimal to BigDecimal
  34. transform value in List using Lambda function
  35. Gets the index of the first occurrence of the given regex from a String List.
  36. list To Json String