Android java.util Map

Android examples for java.util:Map


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  1. generate XML string from Map and array
  2. Convert String to Map, "A=B&C=D" -> [A=B, C=D]
  3. split string Into Map
  4. Add to counter Map
  5. Convert bytes to HashMap
  6. get Frequency from Map
  7. Returns a new Map where the values are sorted according to the given comparator (or using the natural order if the comparator is null ).
  8. Remove key in collection from Map

  9. get Cardinality Map from Collection
  10. Returns a new map with all entries of the input map except those which have a value of null.
  11. Copies entries from one map to another and deletes those entries in the target map for which the value in the source map is null.
  12. Creates and returns a new map from the two-dimensional array.
  13. as Read Only Map
  14. Equality function that properly handles arrays, lists, maps, lists of arrays, and maps of arrays.
  15. Returns true if the given map is a case-insensitive map.
  16. Creates a case-insensitive map.

  17. Builds a map from two arrays.
  18. Converts two List to a map.
  19. new Read Only Map
  20. sort Map By Value Asc
  21. sort Map By Value Desc
  22. trim Map
  23. Returns a Map that keep the orders of its keys.
  24. Returns a LinkedHashMap with the mappings a[0] => a[1], a[2] => a[3], ....
  25. Returns a the given map enriched with the mappings a[0] => a[1], a[2] => a[3], ....
  26. Returns a capacity that is sufficient to keep the map from being resized as long as it grows no larger than expectedSize and the load factor is >= its default (0.75).
  27. Create Map from array of key and array of value
  28. safe Get from Map
  29. single Key Map
  30. A getOrDefault from Map that doesn't create garbage if its suppler is non-capturing.
  31. Copies the given Map containing another Map into a new Map .
  32. Convert map To List
  33. Convert a list into a LinkedHashMap using a ListExtractor to determine the keys and values for the new Map.
  34. Convert a Properties into a Map.
  35. merge Properties Into Map
  36. Deep clone a map.
  37. map To Key AND Value String
  38. add key-value pair to map, both key and value need not null or empty
  39. add key-value pair to map, and key need not null or empty
  40. get Map Bool
  41. is Map Empty
  42. traverse Map and dump to String
  43. add All Keys from Map to Collection
  44. add All Values from Map to Collection
  45. hashCode function that properly handles arrays, collections, maps, collections of arrays, and maps of arrays.