Android Map Location

Android examples for Map:Location


Click the following links for the tutorial for Map and Location.

  1. Return if location services are available
  2. Returns whether the Location Service is available on the current device
  3. check For Location Services
  4. get Location
  5. get Lac from GsmCellLocation
  6. get Degrees Between Two Points on earth
  7. Determines whether one Location reading is better than the current Location fix
  8. is Able To Get Location

  9. Calculate middle Location
  10. check Location Enabled using dialog
  11. Determines whether one Location reading is better than the current Location
  12. Determines the best Location .
  13. is Location Expired
  14. average Location
  15. create Location
  16. GeoPo Location Encode in Java.

  17. is Better Location
  18. select Best Location
  19. get Location from LocationManager
  20. is Location Service Enabled
  21. Unregisters provided listener from the LocationManager .
  22. device Location Opened
  23. Compares location for freshness.
  24. Extract the latest location information from the device's location store.
  25. Checks if an update Location is required based on the parameters.
  26. get Speed between two Location
  27. get Location Sync Status
  28. has Location Permission
  29. is Location Enabled
  30. get Local Location
  31. is Better Location by accuracy
  32. get Location from LocationManager by Criteria
  33. search Location By Name
  34. get Current Location
  35. Returns if the device is location aware at this moment
  36. location Uri
  37. Returns true if a location is old.
  38. Checks if a given location is a valid (i.e.
  39. get Speed by Location
  40. get Admin Area from Location
  41. request Location Update
  42. publish Mock Location
  43. get Actual Location
  44. Computes the bearing in degrees between two points on Earth.
  45. Converts degree representation to NW,N,S etc.
  46. random Location
  47. random Latitude
  48. get random Location
  49. random Longitude