Android Network Network Status

Android examples for Network:Network Status


Click the following links for the tutorial for Network and Network Status.

  1. is Network Available
  2. is Network Connected
  3. is Network Enable
  4. Detect whether network is available or not
  5. is Mobile Network Available
  6. get Network Type
  7. get Mobile Network Code
  8. Get network access info.

  9. Returns the active network info.
  10. Checks if network available.
  11. get Network Operator
  12. get Network Operator Name
  13. Determines the network connection state.
  14. get network Proxy
  15. is Device Network Online
  16. is Online

  17. is 3G Net
  18. Checks to see if a Form is running.
  19. is Mobile Connected
  20. is Mobile Connected Or Connecting
  21. control Mobile Network
  22. disable Mobile Network
  23. turn Mobile Data Off
  24. turn Mobile Data On
  25. get Connectivity Status
  26. get Connectivity Status String
  27. toggle Mobile Net
  28. Check if we are connected in roaming
  29. is Connecting To Internet
  30. Check if there is fast connectivity
  31. is Connected Mobile
  32. Check if we are connected to a 3G network
  33. Check if we are connected to a WiFi network
  34. Check if we are connecting or connected to a network
  35. Check if we are connecting or connected to a 3G network
  36. Check if we are connecting or connected to a WiFi network
  37. is Network Connected By 3G
  38. is Network Connected By 2G
  39. is Network Connected By Cmwap
  40. check Internet Connection Available
  41. get Network Connected Type, return values such as: 2G, 3G, 4G
  42. get NetWork Name
  43. Returns the MCC+MNC (mobile country code + mobile network code) of the provider of the SIM.
  44. Convert Network mac Address To Bytes
  45. get Network Apn Proxy
  46. get Network Current Apn
  47. is CM Wap Network
  48. is NetWork Info Null
  49. Returns the broadcast address used on the current WIFI network.
  50. Returns a constant indicating the type of activity on a data connection.