Android Network URL

Android examples for Network:URL


Click the following links for the tutorial for Network and URL.

  1. Download File from remote server via URL
  2. download Data from URL
  3. Read InputStream from HttpURLConnection
  4. A method to download json data from url
  5. upload File via URL
  6. Open an URL in a message.
  7. send Post and set user-agent
  8. get URL Query Map and save to Map<String, String>

  9. get Query Value from URL
  10. go To Website via URL
  11. Check if a string is a Validate URL
  12. http Url Get from URL and parameter map
  13. http Url Post from URL and parameter map
  14. send Get URL and set user-agent
  15. download File from URL
  16. load File from URL

  17. upload File to a URL
  18. Gets the host from given url
  19. is URL Connectable
  20. save Web Content To File
  21. Validates given url string using android.util.Patterns#WEB_URL pattern
  22. is Url Valid String
  23. Validates each URL supplied, displays message if any are invalid.
  24. checks a url is not malformed
  25. is Url Format Invalid
  26. set Cookie by url and value
  27. start Url Intent
  28. get Picture from URL
  29. get Image From URL
  30. Perform rest Request via URL
  31. build Get Url with parameter
  32. build URL Query
  33. decode a String content with URLDecoder
  34. split Url Query into Map<String,String>
  35. get Market Url
  36. Method for checking, whether provided endpoint is a valid URL.
  37. choice Browser To Visit Url
  38. url Validation
  39. get Url String In String by regex
  40. is Homepage URL by regex
  41. Sends a request to the specified URL and obtains the result from the sever.
  42. is You Tube URL
  43. add Get Parameter to URL
  44. get Stream From URL
  45. open Url Connection
  46. Retrieves the response data in String format from the specified URL.
  47. get Popular Artists URL from spotify
  48. get Param From Url