Android User Interface Alert Dialog

Android examples for User Interface:Alert Dialog


Click the following links for the tutorial for User Interface and Alert Dialog.

  1. show Alert Box
  2. show Alert Indefinite via Snackbar
  3. show Alert Long via Snackbar
  4. show Alert Short via Snackbar
  5. show Alert Dialog using
  6. create Alert Dialog
  7. create Warning Alert Dialog
  8. show Alert and add click listener for OK button

  9. show Text Input Alert
  10. display Alert dialog with OK Cancel button
  11. display Alert dialog with OK button
  12. Show Confirm Alert Dialog
  13. Show Error Alert Dialog
  14. Show Success Alert Dialog
  15. Show Alert Dialog by message, or message ID, DialogInterface.OnClickListener
  16. show Alert with various options

  17. build an alert dialog
  18. show a system default alert dialog with given title, msg, ok, cancel, listeners
  19. show Alert with Android default Icon
  20. Show Alert Dialog with resource id.
  21. Create alert dialog and set Neutral Button
  22. Show complain Alert Dialog
  23. Show Alert Dialog with Android default OK text
  24. Show alert dialog for Message
  25. Helper method for showing Alert Dialog
  26. Show Alert Dialog using Android default Icons
  27. Show Toast as an alert dialog for short of length
  28. Show confirmation Alert Dialog
  29. show alert Dialog and set yes/no button listener
  30. show Alert Dialog with message, icon id, button text
  31. ask via AlertDialog
  32. show Alert using WebView
  33. show Alert from Activity
  34. show Alert Dialog on UI Thread
  35. sound Alert
  36. show Alert Dialog
  37. show Exception in AlertDialog
  38. get Ok Attached Modal Alert Dialog With Close App
  39. get Ok Modal Alert Dialog
  40. get Ok Modal With Close App alert Dialog
  41. show Close Action for Alert Dialog
  42. show Alert Dialog and set OK action
  43. confirm alert dialog
  44. show Ok Alert Dialog
  45. add Message Ok Alert Dialog
  46. manage Alert Dialog
  47. show Alert Window With Custom Button
  48. show Alert Window With Delete On Left
  49. show Alert Window With Delete On Right
  50. show Alert Window With List
  51. show Alert Window With List OK
  52. show Alert Window With OK Cancel
  53. show Alert Window With OK
  54. show Alert Window With OK No Cancel Outside
  55. show Modal Alert Window With OK
  56. display Message Dialog
  57. Shows alert dialog with Custom font in message.