Android User Interface EditText

Android examples for User Interface:EditText


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  1. get Edit Text Value
  2. Compares two text entry boxes to make sure the contents of one is a subdomain of the other
  3. check User Text Emptiness
  4. Validates each text supplied, displays message if any are invalid.
  5. clear all EditText on a Form
  6. is EditText Blank
  7. is Email input Valid from EditText
  8. set Error message to EditText on ScrollView

  9. valid EditText input for URL String
  10. remove EditText Error
  11. Method to get a EditText with hint
  12. Method to get a EditText with text
  13. Set the view of dialog with two EditTexts
  14. set EditText Cursor Position
  15. is EditText Empty Error
  16. disable EditText Soft Input From Appearing

  17. Shows live character counter for the number of characters typed in the parameter android.widget.EditText
  18. Create new Text Input Field and return EditText
  19. get Long Value from EditText
  20. show Soft Keyboard Delayed for EditText
  21. Determines if all EditText views supplied are empty.
  22. init EditText By Type
  23. set Text Changed Button Enable between EditText and Button View
  24. get Float from EditText
  25. set Decimal Edit Filter for EditText
  26. set EditText Selection To End
  27. set EditText With Clear Button
  28. show EditText with HTML text
  29. get Integer From EditText
  30. get String From EditText
  31. Set type face for an EditText view
  32. get EditText Max Length
  33. get Double From EditText
  34. Hide On Screen Keyboard for EditText
  35. hide soft keyboard on android after clicking outside EditText
  36. is EditText Input Equal To
  37. get EditText As Value Trim To Null
  38. disable Copy Paste Operations on EditText
  39. validate Required EditText
  40. scroll EditText
  41. set Text With Selection to EditText
  42. Arrow positioning the cursor to the last character of the text field in EditText.
  43. set Underline Color for EditText
  44. Convert value from EditText to Double
  45. EditText length Chinese Filter
  46. EditText length Filter
  47. EditText password Visible Toggle
  48. EditText paste Unable
  49. set EditText Text
  50. is EditText Empty
  51. start EditText With Keyboard
  52. get EditText Value
  53. lock EditText
  54. get Alphanumeric EditText
  55. get Number EditText
  56. get UnInsertable Number EditText
  57. move Select To EditText End
  58. get Text Trim from EditText
  59. auto Clear View from EditText
  60. reset EditText
  61. Reads a user-entered value as a Double from EditText
  62. set Color to EditText