Android User Interface Fragment

Android examples for User Interface:Fragment


Click the following links for the tutorial for User Interface and Fragment.

  1. remove Fragment
  2. add Fragment With History
  3. add Fragment
  4. Find fragment by id
  5. pop Back Stack Inclusive
  6. return Back Stack Immediate
  7. clear Back Stack
  8. replace With Back Stack

  9. show Dialog Fragment
  10. dismiss Dialog Fragment
  11. Tries to find the fragment, and if the fragment is not committed, instantiates it
  12. add And Hide Fragment
  13. hide Fragment
  14. show And Hide Fragments
  15. show And Remove Fragments
  16. show Fragment

  17. swap Fragment
  18. Replace current Fragment with new one.
  19. Replace the fragment and add to the back stack
  20. Replace the fragment
  21. go To Next Fragment
  22. go To Next Fragment From Fragment
  23. is Current Fragment
  24. add Fragment And To Back Stack
  25. replace Content Fragment
  26. replace Content Fragment With Animation
  27. replace Fragment And To Back Stack
  28. replace Fragment
  29. update Fragment
  30. clear FragmentManager Stack
  31. get Visible Fragment
  32. add Fragment In Stack
  33. get Higher Fragment In Stack
  34. get Low Level Fragment Manager
  35. get Previous Fragment In Back Stack
  36. Obtains a FragmentStackManagerFragment for the given container via the FragmentManager in the given activity.
  37. replace Fragment No Stack
  38. set Fragment
  39. hide a v4 fragment
  40. remove Fragment By Tag
  41. remove Visible Fragment By Tag
  42. show Existing Fragment By Tag
  43. change To Last Fragment
  44. pop Fragment
  45. push Fragment to FragmentActivity
  46. replace Default Fragment
  47. Remove an existing fragment.
  48. Hides an existing fragment.
  49. Add a fragment to the activity state.
  50. Replace an existing fragment that was added to a container.
  51. place Fragment On Layout
  52. close Fragment
  53. is Showing Same Dialog Fragment
  54. Loads a fragment in a container and adds it to the backstack
  55. Loads a fragment in a container
  56. Method to navigate fragment with customized fragment transition.
  57. Method to pop out the fragment.
  58. get Fragment Parent
  59. hide Fragments
  60. reload Fragment
  61. remove Fragment from Activity
  62. restore Fragment
  63. get Current Child Fragment
  64. get Current Fragment
  65. Replaces with next fragment
  66. find Fragment For View In Activity