Android User Interface Layout

Android examples for User Interface:Layout


Click the following links for the tutorial for User Interface and Layout.

  1. Set Margin for LinearLayout
  2. clean Error on TextInputLayout
  3. set Error via TextInputLayout
  4. create Default Layout Params
  5. find Layout Id
  6. remove Global Layout Listener
  7. Force a measure and re-layout of children at this instant.
  8. Remove a previously installed global layout callback.

  9. Create new Transparent Relative Layout
  10. set RelativeLayout Border Params
  11. Returns the width as specified in the LayoutParams
  12. set Layout Transition Duration
  13. get Ad Layout
  14. Create LinearLayout
  15. get LinearLayout Bottom Margin
  16. get LinearLayout Height

  17. set LinearLayout Bottom Margin
  18. Adds a child view with the specified layout parameters.
  19. Removes a view during layout.
  20. remove View On Global Layout Listener
  21. get View via LayoutInflater
  22. Register a callback to be invoked when the global layout state or the visibility of views within the view tree changes.
  23. Using a global layout listener on the view and runs the runnable when the view have received it's dimensions.
  24. do View On Global Layout
  25. add View On Global Layout Listener
  26. remove View Layout Listener
  27. hide View And Set Layout To Zero
  28. inflate View Layout
  29. Gets the view's LayoutParams and sets it's width & height.
  30. set View Relative Layout Size
  31. request layout for all view
  32. get View Relative Layout Rules
  33. replace View with transfer Layout Parameters
  34. Do something when a view's layout is ready
  35. Add an OnGlobalLayoutListener for the view.
  36. get View Layout Direction
  37. Returns a boolean indicating whether or not the view's layout direction is RTL
  38. layout View Auto
  39. get View Layout X
  40. get View Layout Y
  41. set View Layout X
  42. set View Layout Y
  43. position Relative Layout Child To Bottom Right Of View
  44. position Relative Layout Child To Top Right Of View
  45. position Relative Layout Child Underneath View
  46. create View from layout id
  47. request Layout Parent View
  48. Set null layout view.
  49. Creates a view via LayoutInflater.
  50. Depending on the tab and if its new, add the button to the layout.
  51. get Move Layout Params
  52. clone Layout Parameters
  53. move View by Layout Parameters
  54. scale View From Layout Parameter and Pixel
  55. set Layout Margin End
  56. set Layout Margin Start
  57. Returns true if view's layout direction is right-to-left.
  58. Find the resource id for the views located on the layout
  59. set View Layout Parameters
  60. post Layout on View
  61. generate Table Layout
  62. set GridLayout Params
  63. set GridLayout Params Wrap
  64. LinearLayout wrap Content
  65. is Layout RTL
  66. create EditText and set layout
  67. Gets the line from the index of the letter in the text from Layout
  68. set Ripple Background Effect for FrameLayout
  69. get Default Layout Params
  70. get GridLayoutManager
  71. Equally distributes a fixed amount of android.view.View Views from an android.widget.Adapter in a android.widget.LinearLayout .
  72. Try to get the view layout info before onResume().
  73. Set layout_gravity="center" for the view.
  74. set View Layout Params