Android User Interface ListView

Android examples for User Interface:ListView


Click the following links for the tutorial for User Interface and ListView.

  1. set ListView Divider
  2. set ListView Height Based On Children
  3. set List View Height Based On Children
  4. utility to iterate a viewgroup recursively and return a list of child views
  5. Method for Setting the Height of the ListView dynamically.
  6. Creates a standard Android ListView adapter.
  7. Creates a standard Android ListView multiple-choice adapter.
  8. get All ListView Section Counts

  9. set Absolute ListView Height
  10. get AbsListView Height
  11. get ListView Child At Position
  12. get Total Height of ListView
  13. Get ListView's height via ListAdapter
  14. Set ListView's height via ViewGroup.LayoutParams
  15. Method scroll ListView to top
  16. set AbsListView Height Based On Children

  17. Get the default android empty ListView.
  18. Get the default android ListView.
  19. add ListView Footer View
  20. add ListView Header View
  21. Saves the scroll position of a ListView for a refresh
  22. Restores the scroll position of a ListView
  23. set ListView Height Based On Content
  24. scroll ListView To Top
  25. get Value from AbsListView by name via reflection
  26. is AbsListView To Top
  27. smooth Scroll AbsListView To Position From Top
  28. get AbsListView Scroll Y
  29. get ListView Down Scroll
  30. get ListView Up Scroll
  31. find ListView By Item View
  32. init ListView ArrayAdapter
  33. update ListView Height
  34. get AbsListView height according to every children
  35. get ListView height according to every children
  36. set AbsListView height
  37. set ListView height
  38. Adds padding to the bottom of the given ListView
  39. calculate the listView's height.
  40. init ListView from ArrayAdapter
  41. Use a cascade animation for the given listview
  42. animate ListView Item Removal
  43. animate ListView Item
  44. refresh ListView
  45. get ListView Size
  46. set ListView Height All
  47. get Position At ListView
  48. Scroll ListView By Key
  49. scroll ListView To Bottom
  50. scroll ListView To Position
  51. smooth Scroll ListView To Top
  52. set ListView Parent Height Based On Children
  53. get Item Height of ListView
  54. To compute the expandable listview for a given group.
  55. update ListView Row View
  56. update Visible Row Views in ListView
  57. get Installed App Names As App ListView Item List
  58. add Height To ListView
  59. Returns the date formatted appropriately for display in the listview
  60. add List Footer View
  61. add List Header View