Android User Interface TextView

Android examples for User Interface:TextView


Click the following links for the tutorial for User Interface and TextView.

  1. set Read Only for EditText, TextView
  2. is Empty TextView
  3. find TextView By Id
  4. get Title TextView from Toolbar
  5. Obtain the text of the given component.
  6. append To Start Of TextView
  7. TextView on Center Draw
  8. TextView pre Draw

  9. clear Drawable from TextView
  10. set Drawable to TextView
  11. configure AutoCompleteTextView
  12. Find string which width is optimal to the TextView.
  13. Return the width of the TextView.
  14. set Text Or Hide TextView
  15. calculate TextView Height
  16. setup TextView State

  17. show Text on TextView
  18. Display a text or hide view if value is null or empty for TextView
  19. add TextView to ViewGroup
  20. flip TextView
  21. update TextView
  22. Determines if a TextView contains empty text.
  23. Find TextView by traverse view tree
  24. Get TextView's height, TextView's width is full screen width
  25. set TextView Padding Start
  26. Append given text String to the provided view (one of TextView or EditText).
  27. make TextView Fake Link using SpannableString
  28. populate TextView by message
  29. Set max text length for TextView
  30. Clears the text for all the passed in TextView.
  31. Return the text the TextView is displaying.
  32. make TextView Links Clickable
  33. is TextView Empty
  34. get Centered TextView
  35. get Decorated TextView
  36. Linkify any links appearing in the text and place it in the TextView.
  37. Extract text from an TextView.
  38. ellipsize TextView
  39. show Text Highlight in TextView
  40. resize TextView for new size
  41. measure Text Width in TextView
  42. Get layout parameters for short name textview
  43. get layout parameters for number TextView
  44. get layout parameters for long table row name TextView
  45. get All TextView
  46. set Font From Assets With Name for TextView
  47. Set Font to TextView
  48. Applies the given Font to the given TextView .
  49. set Font Typeface to TextView
  50. apply Font to TextView from Path
  51. adjust TextView Text Length
  52. adjust TextView Text Size
  53. set TextView Compound Drawable Filter
  54. set Text Drawable to TextView
  55. set Text Drawable Left to TextView
  56. set Text Drawable Right to TextView
  57. set Text Drawable Top to TextView
  58. Returns TextView's text height(text height means line height, not TextView height).
  59. Returns TextView height.
  60. Returns TextView line count.
  61. Returns TextView's text width(not TextView width).
  62. add Links to TextView
  63. get Ellipsised Text in TextView
  64. set Top TextView Style Bus Stop
  65. create Date TextView
  66. create TextView and set properties
  67. Turns a textview into a clickable hyperlink with the provided text and attaches an OnClickListener.
  68. set Colorful Text to TextView
  69. Adds the given listeners to all text input fields contained in the given view.
  70. get TextView Center X
  71. get TextView Center Y
  72. justify TextView
  73. set Font For TextView
  74. remove Underlines From Links in TextView
  75. set Search Font Color in TextView
  76. set Word Color And Typed Face for TextView
  77. set Word Color in TextView
  78. set Word Typed Face for TextView