Android User Interface View Animation

Android examples for User Interface:View Animation


Click the following links for the tutorial for User Interface and View Animation.

  1. restore Larger View with Animation
  2. animation on View
  3. animate View with Animation resource ID
  4. add Animation to View
  5. switch View with Animation
  6. stop View Animation
  7. Animates the view to the given x/y coordinates using the given duration and calling the given Runnable once the animation completes.
  8. Runs the given animation on the given view.

  9. Create Circular Reveal Animation via ViewAnimationUtils
  10. make View Group Animation
  11. count View Animation
  12. animate RecyclerView
  13. Animate a transition between two views
  14. animate View Background Color
  15. Translate a view to the specified translation values, while rotating to the specified rotation value.
  16. Do a slide animation of the view from out of the screen to its position.

  17. Stars a loading animation for the specified view.
  18. Animates a coming from left to right of a specified view
  19. Stops animation of the specified view.
  20. Set View Alpha animation
  21. animate View Bitmap
  22. animate View Color
  23. start/stop animation on View
  24. start View Animation
  25. collapse View via animation
  26. shrink View Away animation
  27. grow View animation
  28. animate View Color Change
  29. gone View Animation
  30. invisible View Animation
  31. animate View Height
  32. collapse View Animation
  33. start Activity Animation
  34. start/stop animation
  35. get Activity Start Animation
  36. get Main Start Animation
  37. start Animations Rotate
  38. post View On Animation
  39. Create a pair of Flip Animation that can be used to flip 3D transition from fromView to toView .