Android User Interface View Child

Android examples for User Interface:View Child


Click the following links for the tutorial for User Interface and View Child.

  1. obtain View child by id
  2. Get all children view from View
  3. Set Child View Visibility
  4. set View Clip Children
  5. set Child View Background Color
  6. set Child View Background Drawable
  7. set Child View Background Resource
  8. Enables/Disables all child views in a view group.

  9. set TypeFace For Child View
  10. Set text of a child view.
  11. Return the position of childView relative to rootView .
  12. Get View offset Children Left And Right
  13. Get View offset Children Top And Bottom
  14. get Child View By Position
  15. find All Children View
  16. find All Children View Leaves

  17. Call this view's and this view's child's OnClickListener, if it is defined.
  18. make Single Child View Visible
  19. get AdapterView Child At Position
  20. set Child View On Click Listener
  21. show Child View
  22. swap Child View In Place
  23. remove Child View
  24. get Immediate Children View
  25. get All Child View
  26. get View List from all child view
  27. get Item Child View
  28. get All Children View
  29. get All Children View Of Type
  30. Returns true if the provided view or any of it's children (or children's children, etc) contain the touch point and have a click listener.
  31. Convert children Recursive to View List
  32. safe Add Child View
  33. hide All Children View Except
  34. set Visibility To All Children View Except
  35. show All Children View Except
  36. get ViewGroup Child
  37. get Children Sum Height
  38. add View After Sibling
  39. add View Before Sibling
  40. scale View And Children
  41. is First Child View On Top
  42. create Child View Height Measure Spec
  43. find Child View Under Without Translation
  44. find Child View Holder Under Without Translation