Android User Interface View

Android examples for User Interface:View


Click the following links for the tutorial for User Interface and View.

  1. get Relative Location between two Views
  2. Is point In View
  3. get View Coordinates
  4. The fragment is added to the container view with id frameId .
  5. clean View Item Selection
  6. get App Content View
  7. Makes view visible and transitions alpha from 0 to 1.
  8. Shrink one View and then grow another View

  9. stick one View To another View
  10. Expand a view into view by scaling up vertically from 0.
  11. set View Overflow Style Always
  12. get Overflow Button Internal
  13. Get location of view relative to screen.
  14. Set view's font style
  15. set View Visibility
  16. add Spacer to View

  17. Get location of view relative to application content (so no status bar and title bar).
  18. get View Dimension
  19. create Drag Outline on View
  20. Update a view by params
  21. Refresh view status
  22. tickle View Invalidation Flag
  23. Determines if two views intersect in the window.
  24. clear View using ViewCompat
  25. load View From Resource
  26. flip Views
  27. Runs the given action in an View ViewTreeObserver OnPreDrawListener
  28. update View Tint
  29. is View Covered
  30. toggle Progress View
  31. Invalidates a view and all of its descendants.
  32. dispatch Finish Temporary Detach View
  33. dispatch Start Temporary Detach View
  34. unbind View References
  35. unbind View Group References
  36. are Two View OverLapping by their rectangle
  37. clean Up View Adapter
  38. Filters views
  39. dump view information to a String
  40. init View via reflection
  41. Check if View is Opaque via reflection
  42. initialize View Draw Listener
  43. View over Flow Action Items
  44. prevent View Over Flow Action Items
  45. print View information out
  46. populate View with Adapter
  47. on View Pre Draw
  48. create Load Error View
  49. inflate View
  50. Adds a view on the UI thread of the given activity.
  51. apply Blur to a View
  52. check if View Can Pull Down
  53. replace View with a new View
  54. Returns true if the given x,y coordinates falls within the view bounds.
  55. is View Attached To Decoration View
  56. Set visibility of given view to be gone or visible. This method has no effect if the view visibility is currently invisible
  57. Set visibility of given view to be invisible or visible. This method has no effect if the view visibility is currently gone
  58. print View for debug
  59. calculate Delta between two View
  60. create Horizontal Line and return a View
  61. create Vertical Line as a View
  62. Given a coordinate relative to the descendant, find the coordinate in a parent view's coordinates.
  63. returns a rotation based on a view matrix
  64. get Matrix from View
  65. Define a projection matrix in terms of a field of view angle, an aspect ratio, and z clip planes
  66. Performs a depth-first search for Views contained in the given view, and returns all views that match the given filter.
  67. show Alert Window With Custom View
  68. map points inside view into locations of a screen
  69. A utility function for getting a ViewModel out of a view in an adapter.
  70. View wait For Measure
  71. set View Notification
  72. notification With Big View
  73. get Gravity from View
  74. get View Center
  75. move View Center To
  76. create Spinner
  77. Change view text size.