Android XML XML Node

Android examples for XML:XML Node


Click the following links for the tutorial for XML and XML Node.

  1. get Child Float from XML Node
  2. get Child Int from XML Node
  3. get Child Text from XML Node
  4. Transform XML Node
  5. Convert xml Node To String
  6. get Child XML Element from Node
  7. get XML Node Int Value
  8. get XML Node Long Value

  9. get XML Node Value
  10. parse XML Nodes with XmlResourceParser
  11. Convert XML String to Int with default value
  12. remove Direct XML Children from Node
  13. Get Node List from XML File
  14. get Node Value from XML Element
  15. get Node Values from XML Element by name
  16. get First Element from XML Node

  17. get Next Element from XML Node
  18. select Nodes using XPath for XML String
  19. select Single Node using XPath from XML String
  20. Returns the first XML Element node in a NodeList
  21. get Properties From XML Node
  22. Get Boolean Value from XML Node
  23. Get Int Value from XML Node
  24. Get sibling node from XML Node
  25. go recursively deep to find the XML node with the name
  26. get XML Node List By Name
  27. get Argument Double from XML Node
  28. get Argument string from XML Node
  29. get Argument Integer from XML Node
  30. dump XML Node
  31. get XML Node Descendent
  32. get Descendants from XML Node
  33. get Descendent Text As Float from XML Node
  34. get Descendent Text As Int from XML Node
  35. get Descendent Text from XML Node
  36. get Chart Node from parent XML Element
  37. get XML Element Node from Root Node
  38. get XML Element Text Node Value
  39. is XML Element Node Exist
  40. Utility method to fetch the value of the XML element node
  41. Gets the XML nodes from the list with said name.
  42. get Node from Element by name
  43. Get Node String Value
  44. get Properties With Values From XML
  45. Parse UUID from XML Text Content
  46. get Pre XML Sibling
  47. indent XML Content
  48. get Current Level XML Boolean Value
  49. Return the XML qualified name, that is to say the prefix -if any- with the local name.
  50. Indicates if the given MIME type is related to XML or not.