C - String String Introduction


A string constant is a sequence of characters or symbols between a pair of double-quote characters.

The following statements illustrate this:

printf("This is a string.");
printf("This is on\ntwo lines!");
printf("\" \\\".");

The first string is a straightforward sequence of letters followed by a period.

The printf() function will output this string as:

This is a string.

The second string has a newline character embedded in it, so the string will be displayed over two lines:

This is on
two lines!

The third string used escape sequence.

A special character with the code value 0 is added to the end of each string to mark where it ends.

This character is known as the null character and you write it as \0.

A string is always terminated by a null character, so the length of a string is always one greater than the number of characters in the string.

If you add \0 to your string. Your string will be cut.


#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
  printf("The character \0 is used to terminate a string.");
  return 0;//from  www .ja v  a 2 s.c  o m


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