C - Use integer values for calculations involving money


Floating-point variables aren't ideal for calculations involving money because of the potential rounding.

We can use long and integer to store cents and dollar


#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
    const long unit_price = 350L;                        // Unit price in cents
    int quantity = 0;
    printf("Enter the number that you want to buy:");    // Prompt message
    scanf(" %d", &quantity);                             // Read the input

    long discount = 0L;                                  // Discount allowed
    if(quantity > 10)
      discount = 5L;                                     // 5% discount
    long total_price = quantity*unit_price*(100-discount)/100;
    long dollars = total_price/100;
    long cents = total_price%100;
    printf("\nThe price for %d is $%ld.%ld\n", quantity, dollars, cents);
    return 0;/*from   w  w  w .  j  a va 2s . c  o m*/


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