C - Write program to calculate the average of an arbitrary number of floating-point values


Define a function that will calculate the average of an arbitrary number of floating-point values.

The array of double type value are passed to the function in an array parameter.

Read an arbitrary number of values entered from the keyboard and output the average.


#define __STDC_WANT_LIB_EXT1__ 1
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ctype.h>

#define CAPACITY_INCREMENT 6                     // Increment in the capacity for data values

double average(double data[], int count)
  double sum = 0.0;
  for (int i = 0; i < count; sum += data[i++])
    ;//from   w  w  w. j  a va  2s  . c om
  return sum / count;

int main(void)
  double *data = NULL;                          // Pointer to array of data values
  double *temp = NULL;                          // Pointer to new array of data values
  int count = 0;                                // Number of data values
  int capacity = 0;                             // Number of data values that can be stored
  char answer = 'n';

    if (count == capacity)
      capacity += CAPACITY_INCREMENT;
      // Create new array of pointers
      if (!(temp = (double*)realloc(data, capacity * sizeof(double))))
        printf("Error allocating memory for data values.\n");
      data = temp;

    printf("Enter a data value: ");
    scanf_s(" %lf", data + count++);
    printf("Do you want to enter another (y or n)? ");
    scanf_s(" %c", &answer, sizeof(answer));
  } while (tolower(answer) != 'n');

  printf("\nThe  average of the values you entered is %10.2lf\n", average(data, count));
  return 0;


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