C Array Multidimensional Arrays

C examples for Array:Multidimensional Arrays


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  1. Use the sizeof operator to work out the number of elements in each dimension of a multidimensional array.
  2. What is Multidimensional Arrays
  3. Use a two-dimensional array to store the numeric grade
  4. Loads a two-dimensional array with the numbers 1 through 12 and prints them row by row.
  5. Access the matrix array for simple Tic Tac Toe game
  6. Dynamically allocate multidimensional arrays.
  7. Searching Two-Dimensional Arrays
  8. How to create Two-Dimensional Arrays

  9. Create Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  10. Retrieve Data from a Two-Dimensional Array Using an Array Name using three different approaches
  11. Retrieve Data from a Two-Dimensional Array uses pointer
  12. Retrieve the Base Addresses of Rows in a Two-Dimensional Array
  13. Retrieve the Addresses of Elements in a Two-Dimensional Array
  14. Compute the Product of Matrices
  15. Compute the Transpose of a Matrix
  16. Perform the Summation of Two Matrices

  17. Fill random value to a multidimensional array
  18. Passing a pointer to a multidimensional array to a function.
  19. Demonstrates the sizes of multidimensional array elements.
  20. Pointer arithmetic with pointers to multidimensional arrays.
  21. Initializing a Two-Dimensional Array, finds yearly totals, yearly average, and monthly average for several years of rainfall data
  22. Use variable-length array function parameters to calculate on two dimensional array
  23. Two dimensional array calculation, Compute the average,
  24. Declares two dimensional array, print the values, double all the values, and then display the new values
  25. Copy two-dimensional to a second two-dimensional array
  26. Write a program that initializes a two dimensional array of double and copy it to a second two dimensional array.