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  1. Pass parameter via const parameter
  2. C uses call by value to pass arguments by default.
  3. Use pointer to exchange the values of the two variables
  4. Calling Functions with Arrays
  5. Access an array in function without changing it
  6. Pass char pointer to a function
  7. Pass an array to a function
  8. Pass parameter to Functions by value

  9. Test of passing arguments by value by changing its value inside function
  10. Use pointers to pass arguments by reference.
  11. Modifies array contents using pass by reference techniques.
  12. What is const Qualifier
  13. To prevent an array argument from being altered in a function, use the const qualifier.
  14. Attempts to modify the read-only argument in an assignment statement from within the function.
  15. Demonstrates passing multiple variables to a function.
  16. Demonstrates passing a variable to a function by address.

  17. Demonstrates passing an array to a function.
  18. Demonstrates passing a variable to a function by value.
  19. Returning a value by passing three floating-point numbers and calculating the average.
  20. Pass array and its length to a function
  21. Changing Array Elements in Functions
  22. Sorting an Array of Integers into Ascending Order with function using bubble sort
  23. Using Multidimensional Arrays and Functions
  24. Arrays as hidden pointers are passed by address
  25. Function Parameter Pass by Address
  26. Function Parameter Pass by Value
  27. Pass Arguments by Reference to a Function to set the values of the credit count of members.
  28. Passing value to a function
  29. Passing an array to a function.
  30. Passing a pointer to a function as an argument.
  31. Passing arguments by value and by reference.
  32. Using type void pointers, depending on the value of type, cast the pointer x appropriately and divide by 2
  33. One function to display an array and another function to multiply each element of an array by a given value
  34. Pass value into a function