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C examples for Function:Utility Function


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  1. Encrypt and decrypt text
  2. Make System Calls with system() function
  3. Create your own card games to shuffle and deal cards for Poker games
  4. Converting a Positive Integer to Another Base
  5. Calculating Factorials Recursively
  6. Counting the Characters in a String with your own function
  7. Testing strings for equality with your own function
  8. Concatenating Character Strings with function

  9. converts a string of digits str into an equivalent integer.
  10. counts the number of 1-bits in its integer argument:
  11. removes all occurrences of the character ch from the string str:
  12. converts an upper case letter into a lower case letter, and leaves lower case letter unchanged:
  13. reads a line of text into a char array q and returns its length:
  14. raises base to nth power where n is greater than or equal to zero:
  15. Use the system() function to execute system command
  16. Use assert() macro to check input

  17. Using character test macros to create an integer input function.
  18. Create a function to get the value of the integer x rotated to the right by n positions.
  19. Create a function to invert bit from an integer
  20. Create a function to set integer by bit
  21. Create function power and a main program to exercise it
  22. Create a temperature conversion program with a function for conversion.
  23. Write and test a Fibonacci() function that uses a loop instead of recursion to calculate Fibonacci numbers.
  24. Convert a decimal number to a number in a any base
  25. Create a recursive power function.
  26. Create a power() function that correctly handles negative powers.
  27. Use assert() to check value
  28. Using qsort to sort groups of numbers
  29. Call atexit() function to register function