C Language Basics Hello World

C examples for Language Basics:Hello World


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  1. Prints a message on the screen
  2. Asks users float, int data and prints it on screen in order to show what was entered
  3. Asks users char, int data and prints it on screen in order to show what was entered
  4. Defines a series of variables and expressions and then uses both relational and logical operators to test them against each other
  5. Ask the user their state of happiness on a scale of 1 to 10 and then gives a custom 2-line message based on their range, either 1-2, 3-4, 5-7, or 8-10.
  6. Displaying Multiple Values in printf()
  7. Displaying Variables of type int with printf()
  8. Displaying Multiple Lines of Output with printf()

  9. Use printf() function to output two lines of text
  10. C Source File Structure
  11. Pause the console window with getchar() function
  12. Printing Variables with printf function
  13. Display constant string text with printf
  14. Example of C Source Code to read and display int value
  15. Converts 2 fathoms to feet
  16. Define int type variable and output its value

  17. Math calculation on the int type
  18. A program using two functions in one file
  19. Output message from two functions
  20. Converts your age in years to days and displays both values.
  21. Quiz printf, output value with new line separator
  22. Read your first name and format it
  23. Read your height in inches and your name, and then displays the information
  24. Common Error #5: Invalid Comment Blocks
  25. Common Error #4: Invalid Escape Sequences
  26. Common Error #3: Invalid Preprocessor Directives
  27. Common Error #2: Missing Statement Terminators
  28. Common Error #1: Missing Program Block Identifiers