C Language Basics printf

C examples for Language Basics:printf


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  1. All the escape sequences that you can use.
  2. Use the \a escape sequence to sound a beep to signal something
  3. Add Quotations to output string
  4. Display two sentences on separate lines using a single printf() statement.
  5. Character Output in printf function
  6. Outputting Floating-Point Values
  7. Control field width for a single integer in output
  8. Integer Output with printf

  9. printf() Format used to output to the Screen
  10. Print integer value out with printf()
  11. Justification in printf()
  12. Output constant defined by #define
  13. Output int with %i
  14. Output string, int and float type variable with printf()
  15. Do math calculation inside printf() function
  16. Displays several lines of text that remind you of the basic rules of C

  17. Printf() Escape Sequences
  18. The Complex printf() Format
  19. The * and # Modifiers in printf()
  20. Justifying Output in printf()
  21. Precision Specifier in printf()
  22. Use minimum field width modifier to produce tables.
  23. Minimum Field Width Specifier in printf()
  24. Value that corresponds to the %n format specifier must be a pointer to a variable.
  25. Displaying an Address, use %p.
  26. Display integers in octal or hexadecimal format using %o and %x, respectively.
  27. List of format specifiers for printf( ) function
  28. Escape Sequence \' for single quote
  29. Escape Sequence \" for double quote
  30. Escape sequence \\ inserts a backslash into your text.
  31. Escape sequence \r moves cursor to the beginning of the line
  32. Escape sequence \t moves the cursor to the next tab space.
  33. Escape Sequence \n vs multiple printf function calls
  34. Escape sequences are specially sequenced characters used to format output.
  35. What is the output? printf
  36. What is the output for the increment operator's placement (postfix versus prefix).
  37. What is the output of the program, printf()
  38. What output would you expect from the following program, char and printf()?
  39. Basic Data Types, examples, and printf format
  40. What output might you expect from the following program, int calculation and printf()?
  41. What output would you expect from the following program, printf()?
  42. Taking a float number and do several calculations.
  43. Illustrating the printf() Formats for various data format, integer, float, string, character, pointer
  44. The most commonly needed printf() Conversion Specifiers
  45. Demonstration using printf() to display numerical values
  46. Demonstration of frequently used escape sequences
  47. Quiz: Calculate your weight in platinum using float type value
  48. Quiz: Define two functions and have them one call the other.
  49. Quiz:Define int variable and output its value
  50. What if printf() is missing a parameter?
  51. Printing long strings with \
  52. Finding printf()'s return value
  53. What are printf() Flags and Examples Using Modifiers and Flags
  54. Conversion Specification Modifiers for printf()
  55. Conversion Specifiers for for printf() and the Resulting Printed Output
  56. Use the %u or %lu specifiers if your implementation does not recognize the %zd specifier in printf
  57. Converts seconds to minutes and seconds with Modulus Operator: %
  58. What will the following program print, string output
  59. What will this program print, while loop and printf
  60. What will the following program print, char type as int type
  61. Calculate friend count if in the Nth week, N friends dropped out and the remaining number doubled.