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  1. Multidimensional Arrays and Pointers
  2. Getting values in a two-dimensional array with pointer
  3. Get the value of the first element in two dimensional array with pointer
  4. Two-dimensional arrays and pointers
  5. Incrementing a pointer to an array of integers
  6. Demonstrates the effect of adding an integer value to a pointer.
  7. Arrays and Pointers
  8. Using Arrays of Pointers

  9. Access the first memory address of the array and the array's first element.
  10. Point Pointers to Arrays
  11. Summing the Elements of an Array using pointer
  12. Copy String function using pointer
  13. Access the Out-of-Bounds Array Elements
  14. Retrieve Data from an Array with char and double Type Data using the pointers
  15. Retrieve Data from a one-dimensional Array Using the Array Name and dereferencing operator *
  16. Retrieve Data from an Array with the int Type Data using pointers.

  17. Retrieve Data from an Array Using an Array of Pointers
  18. Retrieve Strings Using a Pointer to a Pointer, a pointer to pointer to char type array
  19. Relationship between addresses and elements of arrays of different data types.
  20. Use pointers and multidimensional arrays.
  21. Passing an array of pointers to a function.
  22. Initializing an array of pointers to type char.
  23. Displays some address values and array contents.
  24. Pointers to Multidimensional Arrays, how you can use such a pointer like the original array.
  25. Functions for 2d arrays with pointer
  26. Array calculations using pointers instead of subscripts.
  27. Calculations using pointers instead of subscripts for two dimensional array.
  28. Returns the largest value stored in an array of int.
  29. Write a function that returns the largest value stored in an array of int
  30. Copy the contents of the array-of-double into three other arrays.