Cpp - String String Inserting


The method insert() inserts a string at a certain position of another string.

The position is passed as the first argument.

The first character in a string occupies position 0, the second character position 1, and so on.

string s1("Miss Summer"); 
s1.insert(5, "test "); 

The string "test "is inserted into the string s1 at position 5, that is in front of the 'S'character in "Summer".

To insert part of a string into another string, pass two additional arguments to the insert() method, the starting position and the length of the string.

string s1("this is a test"), 
s1.insert(12, s2, 0, 12); 

This example inserts the first 12 characters from the string s2 at position 13 in string s1.


#include <iostream> 
#include <string> 
using namespace std;

int main()/*from   www  .  jav  a  2  s  .co m*/
  string s1("Miss Summer");
  s1.insert(5, "test "); // Insert at position: 5  

  cout << s1 << endl;

  s1 = "this is a test";
  string s2("1234567890");
  s1.insert(12, s2, 0, 12);

  cout << s1 << endl;
  return 0;