Cpp - Write program to create a number guessing game


Write a program for the following numerical game:

The computer stores a random number between 1 and 15 and the user attempts to guess it.

The user has a total of three attempts.

After each wrong guess, the computer tells the user if the number was too high or too low.

If the third attempt is also wrong, the number is output on screen.

The player wins if he or she can guess the number within three attempts.

The player is allowed to repeat the game as often as he or she wants.


Use the function time() to initialize the random number generator:

#include <time.h>       // Prototype of time() 
#include <stdlib.h>     // Prototypes of srand() 
                                  // and rand() 
long sec; 
time( &sec );           // Take the number of seconds and 
srand( (unsigned)sec ); // use it to initialize.  


#include <cstdlib>    // Prototypes of srand() and rand() 
#include <ctime>      // Prototype of time() 
#include <iostream> 
using namespace std;
int main()// w w w.j ava2s . c om
  int  number, attempt;
  char wb = 'r';            // Repeat or finish. 
  time_t sec;
  time(&sec);              // Get the time in seconds. 
  srand((unsigned)sec);     // Seeds the random 
                // number generator 
  while (wb == 'r')
    cout << "You have three chances to guess a number between 1 and 15!\n"
      << endl;
    number = (rand() % 15) + 1;
    bool found = false;     int count = 0;
    while (!found  && count < 3)
      cin.sync();             // Clear input buffer 
      cout << ++count << ". attempt:   ";
      cin >> attempt;
      if (attempt < number)   cout << "too small!" << endl;
      else if (attempt > number) cout << "too big!" << endl;
      else                    found = true;
    if (!found)
      cout << " The number in question was: "
      << number << endl;
      cout << "\nCongratulations! You won!" << endl;
    cout << "Repeat -> <r>    Finish -> <f>\n";
    while (wb != 'r' &&  wb != 'f');
  return 0;


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