C++ Class Class Creation

C++ examples for Class:Class Creation


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  1. Defining a object with a C++ class
  2. Point Class with getter and setter
  3. Having a HAS_A Relationship
  4. Creating a Class for enums
  5. Using enum type within a Class
  6. Declaring a Class
  7. Class combination
  8. Simulate such an event-driven system, create an event loop.

  9. Defining a Class without member fields and member function
  10. Define class Course that contains a courseName data member and member functions to set and get its value
  11. Create a method in class to accept parameter
  12. Defining a Class with a Member Function
  13. Create class present health profile
  14. Create class to represent heart rate
  15. Create a class called Date that includes three pieces of information as data members-a month, a day and a year.
  16. Create a class called Employee that includes three pieces of information as data members

  17. Create a class called Invoice that a hardware store might use to represent an invoice for an item sold at the store.
  18. Create an Account class that a bank might use to represent customers' bank accounts.
  19. Add more fields, getter and setter methods to a class
  20. Define class public interface of the class.
  21. Define class interface first
  22. Fill largest number to a class
  23. Create class for Employee
  24. Create class to do the Sales Commission Calculate
  25. Define class to represent the credit limit
  26. Create class to get the Gas Mileage
  27. Add field to track second in Time class
  28. Create Date class to perform error checking on the initializer values for data members month, day and year.
  29. Use Date and Employee class to demonstrate composition.
  30. Implementing an Integer class
  31. Implementation of the SparseArray class using inner class
  32. Defining a Class
  33. Create objects of card
  34. Object represents a counter variable
  35. Combine class to create new class
  36. Using class to model a time data type
  37. Using class to model parking lot
  38. Using a class to model an integer data type
  39. Employee object uses a string as data
  40. Create a class to represent Complex number
  41. Defines a Date class that includes a constructor, a mutator, and an accessor as well as the two functions.
  42. Add forward declaration of class