C++ Data Type Pointer

C++ examples for Data Type:Pointer


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  1. Cast void* to the correct type
  2. A void* pointer can be assigned to any type of pointers
  3. Add or subtract an integral value and a pointer.
  4. Pointer Increment for different size variable
  5. Pointer arithmetic refers to the application of some of the arithmetic operators to pointers.
  6. Using int pointer
  7. Using Pointers in C++
  8. Print Out Addresses using pointers

  9. Demonstrates the use of pointer declarations and operators.
  10. Changes the value of a pointer variable.
  11. Modifying the Original Variable with a Pointer Variable
  12. Read the value of the original variable through the pointer.
  13. Using Pointers to Point to Something Else and Back Again
  14. Manipulating Data by Using Pointers
  15. Examining Addresses Stored in Pointers
  16. Use nullptr value to mark not used pointer

  17. Make swap() change the actual values using pointers
  18. Declare a pointer 'vPtr' that points to an object of type unsigned int
  19. Printing Pointer Values as Integers
  20. Storing even numbers in an array and accessing them using pointer notation
  21. Use Dereferencing pointers to Calculates the purchase price for a given quantity of items
  22. Calculating primes using pointer notation
  23. Calculating primes using dynamic memory allocation
  24. Pointers as address variables
  25. Pointers to type void
  26. Accessing the variable pointed to
  27. Orders two arguments using pointers
  28. Access value using pointers
  29. To determine the address of a variable, use address operator, &
  30. Create int type pointer and assign int variable address to it
  31. Swap parameter using pointer