C++ Data Type struct

C++ examples for Data Type:struct


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  1. Pointers and structs
  2. Allowing a struct to refer to itself
  3. Using typedef with struct
  4. Combining variables with struct
  5. An array of struct
  6. Structure input with student data passed to functions.
  7. Structure input with student data.
  8. Structure initialization with the Movie collection.

  9. Demonstrates assigning one structure to another.
  10. Save struct to a file and read struct from a file
  11. Creates an array of 100 structures. The code shows how member-arrays in structure are used.
  12. Magazine inventory program for adding and displaying a bookstore's magazines.
  13. Updates balance in a structure.
  14. Copying Structures value
  15. Use a two-dimensional array to track data in structure
  16. Shows initialization of structure variables

  17. Demonstrate structures using English measurements
  18. Demonstrate nested structures
  19. Demonstrate structures using playing cards
  20. Demonstrate passing structure as argument
  21. Uses parts inventory to demonstrate structures
  22. Structure variables as array elements
  23. Using structure to model volume of room
  24. Create structure to represent point
  25. Using structure to store phone number
  26. Use new operator to construct a linked list of structures.
  27. Assigning data values to a structure's members
  28. Create global struct
  29. Illustrating dynamic structure allocation
  30. Loop through linked list based on structure
  31. Create a linked list with structure
  32. Storing an address in a structure member
  33. Returning Structures from a function
  34. Passing a structure's address and using a pointer with the new notation to reference the structure directly.
  35. Pass structure reference to a function
  36. Pass structure to a function
  37. Create an array of structures and initialize their value