C++ Function Function Creation

C++ examples for Function:Function Creation


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  1. Calculate compound interest using function
  2. Call your own function
  3. Our First Function
  4. A simple function call: declare a function, define it, and call it.
  5. Prime-Number Function
  6. Define two functions in addition to main
  7. Using function to simulate any number of dice rolls.
  8. Using two local variables with the same name as counting variables.

  9. Two different local variables with the same name.
  10. Second function has its own local variable.
  11. Pass three local variables to functions.
  12. Program with multiple local variables called i.
  13. Calculate the user's weight in a second function.
  14. Doubles the user's number with a function
  15. Calculates the average of three input values using function.
  16. Defines a function that computes net pay.

  17. Prints the ASCII character of the user's number. Prototype function.
  18. Create a function with multiple parameters.
  19. Create a function with no parameters
  20. Writing Your Own Functions with parameter
  21. Keeping your variables local in your function
  22. Create a function which doesn't return anything.
  23. Making Nested Function Calls
  24. Output variable in function
  25. Using Variables with Functions
  26. Create function that determines the area of a rectangle by multiplying its length by its width
  27. Creates several different scopes, each with their own local variables.
  28. Define local variable in function
  29. Using an inline function to calculate the volume
  30. Generating Fibonacci numbers using two functions.
  31. Calculating powers with your own function
  32. Demonstrate simple function
  33. Demonstrate function definition preceding function calls
  34. Demonstrate inline functions
  35. Create an inline function to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
  36. Storage for automatic local variables is created automatically each time a function is called.