C++ Operator Arithmetic Operator

C++ examples for Operator:Arithmetic Operator


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  1. Shows the use of the mathematical operators:
  2. A short demonstration of +, -, * and /
  3. Dividing Two Numbers
  4. Multiplying Two Numbers
  5. Subtracting Two Numbers
  6. Finding the Remainder Between Two Numbers
  7. Order of precedence for primary operators.
  8. Add parentheses to change the operator precedence

  9. Computes video rental amounts and gives appropriate discounts based on the day or customer status.
  10. Prints daily, weekly, and monthly sales totals.
  11. Average salaries over $10,000
  12. Dividing integer variables, Finding Quotients and Remainders
  13. Subtracting integer variables
  14. Add 5 to the value stored in total, and take the value and store it back in total.
  15. Displays the values of three variables before and after they are used in a complex multiple-expression statement.
  16. Asks the user to enter two numbers, and prints the sum, product, difference, and quotient of the two numbers.

  17. Read two int number b, c, and assign the product of variables b and c to variable a.
  18. Calculate the product of three integers
  19. Comparing integers using if statements, relational operators and equality operators.
  20. Addition program that displays the sum of two integers.
  21. Program to check whether 3 values represent a right triangle.
  22. Program to determine if 3 values make a triangle.
  23. Calculating a Circle's Diameter, Circumference and Area.
  24. Enforcing Privacy with Cryptography for integer
  25. Program to project world population
  26. Calculating Salaries based various rate and base with a class
  27. List All Pythagorean Triples up to sides of 500
  28. Calculate the value of PI from the infinite series,
  29. Calculates the hypotenuse of a right triangle when the other two sides are given.
  30. Determines for a pair of integers whether the second is a multiple of the first.
  31. Use the modulus operator to determine whether an integer is even.
  32. Converting a length in inches to feet-and-inches.
  33. Calculating the Body Mass Index.
  34. Finding the largest of two integers without comparing them.
  35. Calculating the height of a tree
  36. Testing for exact division of one integer by another.
  37. Dividing a cash amount into quarters, nickels, dimes and cents.
  38. Squaring odd numbers
  39. Demonstrates arithmetic assignment operators
  40. Demonstrate remainder operator
  41. Shows mixed expressions
  42. Lists cubes from 1 to 10
  43. Prints numbers raised to fourth power
  44. Test arithmetic assignment and decrement
  45. Models calculator
  46. Summary of Arithmetic Operators
  47. Determine the output of the following program: the % operator
  48. Determine the output of the following program: integer truncation
  49. What is the output of the program: int and arithmetic operator
  50. Solves for the roots of a quadratic equation