C++ Statement if

C++ examples for Statement:if


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  1. Use if statement to check value range
  2. Demonstration of if and if-else conditionals
  3. An if statement without an else clause
  4. A simple if-else statement
  5. Multiple else if Blocks
  6. The else and else if Statements
  7. The if Statement
  8. Doing simple calculation in if statement

  9. Input two numbers. Use if statement to compare
  10. Compute the full overtime pay possibilities, using if statement
  11. Program that ensures age values are reasonable with if statement
  12. Use block of statements in if, Prints a message depending on years of service.
  13. Includes a logical operator in if to determine whether the age is greater than 10 and less than 100.
  14. Combine the if and else keywords to check for multiple alternatives
  15. Use the else keyword with if statement
  16. Displaying a different message for A, B, C, and F grades.

  17. Quality Point for Numeric Grades with if statement
  18. An example of using if-else with a numerical value
  19. Nested if Statements
  20. Use if statement to range check the value of an integer entered from the keyboard
  21. Demonstrate else...if with char value
  22. Demonstrate IF...ELSE statement
  23. Demonstrate IF statement
  24. Demonstrate IF with multiline body
  25. Demonstrate IF statement with prime numbers
  26. Use if-else Statement to check char type value
  27. Use if-else Statement to check double type value
  28. To illustrate using an if-else chain
  29. Checking for the highest input weight first in if statement ladder statement
  30. Read an integer and check its value in if statement
  31. Print the maximum of any two integer numbers the user enters.