CSharp - Method out modifier


An out argument is used to get value of a method.

You do not need to assign a value to out parameter before passing them into the function.

And you must assign a value to them before it comes out of the function.

You can use out modifier to get multiple return values back from a method.

An out parameter is passed by reference.

For example:


using System;
class Test/*from w w w.j a  v a2 s .c o m*/
   static void Split (string name, out string firstNames,out string lastName)
          int i = name.LastIndexOf (' ');
          firstNames = name.Substring (0, i);
          lastName   = name.Substring (i + 1);

    static void Main()
         string a, b;
         Split ("this is a test", out a, out b);
         Console.WriteLine (a);                      
         Console.WriteLine (b);                      


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